Everyone knows that the movie industry is a cut-throat business. You don’t only need to be resilient and robust for it, but you also need to be smart and lucky. We have been showered with amazing and potential movies since the new year rolled in. There are promising titles like the DC universe series or the Marvel options. Despite the so promising trailers and expectations, not all of them turn out to be great. Some of them are pretty so-so….even quite disappointing.


Let’s take a look from the (supposed to be) promising movie, Batman v Superman. When it was in the production stage, a lot of high expectations had been put in the movie, considering that the previous movies proved to be worth watching for. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has turned out to be the best Batman movies ever made, with dark and yet logical touch. Previous Superman by Henry Cavill also proved to be excellent and superb, putting the leading actor as one of the most potential actors in the movie industry.

When Batman v Superman was finally released, it was a disappointment – not only for DC fans but everyone. Batman, we know from Christopher Nolan’s artistic touch was gone, replaced by the paranoid and rather a psychotic individual. It wasn’t a creative work of art anymore, but it has turned into a cheesy creation – sorry to say. It is still good regarding the action and the amazing special effect, but when it comes to the story….well, it is just so cheap and degrading. It feels like the writers are trying to create an unimportant issue which solved in the most ridiculous (if not stupid) way.

Sure, the movie is still in the box office top list, but it seems that it won’t be staying that long there. When you compare the Batman flick with the Deadpool, there is a huge gap and difference. Sure, this DC universe can make an impressive opening on the first week, but then it plummets down drastically on the second week – we are talking about down, here. On the contrary, Deadpool is making an impressive and stable move on the list, grossing out $ 355.1 million. When it is compared to Batman’s gross of $ 261.4 million, you know who the winner is.


It is a good thing that the Superhero doesn’t dominate the box office list flicks only as the hilarious, witty, and funny My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is indicated in the third spot, right under Zootopia with total gross around $ 275.9 million. Another action flick that is included in the Divergent series, the Allegiant, sits on the sixth place. Another good indication that the movie is worth watching being sandwiched in between Miracles from Heaven on the fifth spot and 10 Cloverfield Lane on the seventh position.

Sure, Batman is still sitting on the top first position, but for how long? Soon enough, people will realize that the movie may not be worth watching, after all.